Coast to Coast First Aid is now inviting young individuals to a program that combines international and local expertise to produce the best quality First Aid training for lifeguards.


Getting your first aid training is all about being able to save lives, but being a Lifeguard is to make it your profession. Our program is based on the best practices as shown by the Canadian Red Cross, the highest standard for first aid training in Canada.


Our own program takes it a step forward and offers smaller training groups, better equipped facilities and centers all around Ontario and the GTA. This allows you to avoid the need for lengthy travel and choose the training center in the vicinity of your own home.


We have training facilities for CPR and First Aid in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, North York, and many other areas and municipalities. We make it easy for you to get your first aid certification and proceed to become a lifeguard next.


Our trainers are all either ex health care providers with vast experience or ex Red Cross trainers, with both hands on expertise and teaching experience. In addition to rigorous professional screening, each instructor also gets in-house training to make absolutely sure all of our courses are uniform and deliver training of impeccable quality.


Learning the trade of a lifeguard not only puts you in a position to save lives, but opens possibilities for gainful employment in Canada as well as overseas. Many young men and women use this as an opportunity to earn money while traveling, hiring out as lifeguards on hot vacation spots and cruise ships, essentially paying their way on board by working there.


In addition to this and our extensive first aid and CPR training options, we also have a Learn to Swim program for children and adults. Swimming is one of the essential life skills, not to mention a healthy form of exercise and highly recommended sport.


Our schools offer swimming lessons that are conducted in a professional yet fun and friendly atmosphere, perfect for children.


As a Red Cross partner, we are one of the best first aid CPR training schools in Ontario. Our variety of hands-on and online first aid courses is wider than most other companies, and our excellence in the field is unmatched.


Whether your aim is to become a lifeguard, or just to know essential life saving techniques to keep your loved ones safe, we are here for you.