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Swimming and water safety: it is never too late to learn how to swim

Swimming and water safety: it is never too late to learn how to swim

Canada is an aquatic country. Besides two oceans, there are many rivers flowing through Canadian landscape as well as a multitude of lakes. Most of Canada’s bodies of water are OK for swimming, and Canadians indeed do love to swim, boat and raft in them.


Some facts you might have not known


  • During the first half of the 20th century, there was little public concern with regard to water safety.
  • Since the late 1940s, Red Cross had started to offer swimming lessons to the population, either as a standalone program or as a part of CPR courses.
  • Once it was clear that water safety is an important issue in a country that has a lot of water, Red Cross and other organizations incorporated the aspect of treating water related emergencies in their first aid programs separately.
  • A good example of such a program is our Toronto CPR training. If you google through relevant internet sites, you’ll find that CPR courses in Toronto area dedicate a whole section to treating emergencies involving water.


So why water safety is so important?


  • First, it is important to realize, that not everybody knows how to swim, and among those that do know how to swim, there are even fewer that had participated in CPR courses and know how to deal with a water related emergency.
  • Another thing that must be said is that it is better to start late than not at all. There are swimming programs available for all ages and levels of proficiency.
  • Even if you don’t want to learn how to swim, it may be useful to know how to treat someone who’s drowning and has his or her lungs filled with water. That can happen to everybody, including your loved ones.
  • Emergencies are possible to deal with. For example, by doing as little as enrolling for a CPR training in Toronto, you can become proficient at dealing with a wide variety of emergency scenarios, including water related cases.


We interviewed several people that had completed CPR training in Toronto and some of them told us that understanding the importance of water safety caused them to behave more cautiously, not only preparing for, but preventing water related accidents.


As you can see, understanding the importance of water safety is very important. Enroll now to make sure you are ready for the emergency when it strikes!

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