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First Aid & CPR/AED

Did you know 80 percent of all cardiac arrests occur in homes and public places, and 35 to 55% are witnessed by a family member, co-worker or friend? You will never know the moment an emergency is going to happen. Take our Canadian Red Cross Standard courses, approved by WSIB and prepare yourselves.

What Do You Know About CPR?

When an emergency strikes, you may find yourself all of a sudden in a Disaster Film situation and the difference between a happy ending and a tragedy may just depend on your knowledge of CPR.

When a person stops breathing as a result of drowning, suffocation, physical trauma (and the hundred other things that can cause this condition), the ambulance will not make it there in mere minutes, which is often all the time you have to revive your loved one.

So how much do you know about CPR?

  1. What is CPR and what does it do ?
  2. When is it needed ?
  3. How is CPR performed ?
  4. Do you know what to do when someone needs CPR ?

The highest percentage of cardiac arrest cases occur at home and in the workplace, which is no surprise, since people spend most of their time in those two places. No matter how close the nearest hospital is, the ambulance might not arrive in time, and you will need to have someone around who is trained in CPR.

What is CPR and when is it needed?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, which is a treatment for when a person is not breathing, or not breathing normally. The direct goal of this treatment is to keep oxygenated blood reaching the person’s brain. When someone needs CPR, they really need it.

How is CPR performed?

We have many centers for CPR training in Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Richmond Hill and other locations in Toronto and the GTA. The courses we offer are Level A, Level C and Healthcare Provider levels for CPR and first aid training.

Essentially, you administer heart compressions by placing the heel of your hand on the center of their chest, with the other hand on top and fingers interlaced. In this position you push down on the person’s chest, hard and frequently, making their blood flow when their heart is not working on its own. Unless you are unable or unwilling to provide breaths to the person, in which case you will be practicing the hands-only method, you will need to administer a breath between every several pushes.

As we mentioned above, CPR needs to be administered quickly, but only if it is necessary.

In our centers in Brampton, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and North York, CPR and First Aid training students receive all the information necessary to ensure this is indeed the case. But that’s not all either.

You require the course not only to know how and when to give CPR, but also to be able to do it legally. In many countries it is strictly prohibited, for fear of causing more damage, for untrained and uncertified practitioners to engage in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Especially for people with medical or paramedical background without an up to date certification. Knowing how it’s done is not enough and you need to be recertified to legally help someone which is the last but, not least, reason to enroll in our one of our CPR training courses in Brampton, Mississauga, North York or Richmond hill. CPR training is super important to individuals and companies alike. It can be useful outdoors or indoors, on trips to the country and in our daily lives..

Knowing how to administer this life saving treatment and being unable to do it can be agonizing. That’s why you need the knowledge, training and certification our company is capable to provide.

Enroll now and get your CPR training. It’s fast, it’s inexpensive and it can potentially save the life of someone you love.


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