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What to Do If You Lost CPR & First Aid Certification Cards Through Red Cross?

What to Do If You Lost CPR & First Aid Certification Cards Through Red Cross?

Let’s examine a situation. One morning, as you drink your first coffee, you spot a job listing, describing what would appear to be just the position you were looking for.

You quickly contact the employer and next thing you know – you are there, sitting in front of the company’s HR officer. Not bad for a start!

The procedure is pretty standard, but at some point the HR officer tells you the following: “Do you have first aid and CPR training at any level?”. As you actually completed a level A first aid CPR training in Toronto just a few months ago. Your reply is a natural, “of course”.

Next, the HR officer asks for your first aid and CPR training certificate, so they can copy the details and add them to the job application form

After several embarrassing minutes of nervously digging in your papers, you realize, to your surprise that you probably lost the certificate, and so can’t proceed with the job admission process until you manage to find it.

The problem – a Lost First Aid Certificate

In our world of paperwork and endless bureaucracy, the above mentioned scenario might be detrimental to your being hired, and more common than you might think.

First, you decide to take first aid CPR training. You do it, and upon passing the end exam, you get your certificate and then… then you toss the certificate in your wallet/case/pocket/drawer and forget all about it for 99% of the time. Until it is actually needed as described in the scenario above.

But what do you do if you by some misfortune you have either lost the certificate somewhere or it has been destroyed by washing it with the rest of the laundry after leaving it in your pants pocket.

Do you actually have to start over and redo the first aid and CPR training from scratch?

If that was the case, it would be extremely frustrating, since it would cause an unnecessary delay when time is of the essence, like when applying to a job or a college. Fortunately, as described further in the text, the procedure of issuing a new certificate is not a complex one, so at the worst case it would take several minutes of your time.

The solution – a Simple way to Reclaim your First Aid Certificate

In accordance with the terms of our Toronto first aid and CPR training program, if your certificate is still valid, meaning it has been given to you in less than 3 years ago, the procedure to reclaim it through Red Cross is rather simple:

  1. You need to make contact with the organization that issued your certificate, either by calling them directly or via e-mail, pay a small fee (or not depends on the issuer), and they send you a new certificate with the same expiry date as an original one.
  2. As an alternative, some organizations provide an easy recovery route through their “lost card recovery page” on their website.

We always recommend to carry your certificate with you, not only for job applications, of course, but for a very real scenario when first aid needs to be administered. If you have any more questions, let us know and we’ll be glad to address them.

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