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Canadian Red Cross Program to Help Businesses and Schools Prepare for Emergencies

Canadian Red Cross Program to Help Businesses and Schools Prepare for Emergencies

From forest fires to large scale power outages that leave entire neighborhoods without heat or water for days, there are things that you just cannot prepare for enough.

The result of such disasters is that people’s lives and livelihoods are disrupted even when not in immediate danger. Businesses and schools close down, hospitals switch to emergency power, people have to leave their homes. Families get separated.

The American Red Cross decided to weigh in and had established an online Ready Rating program that helps public organizations, non-profits and private businesses to assess their disaster readiness levels and pick up the slack where necessary.

The first step of this program is a fully confidential assessment of the current emergency readiness level. The result of this assessment is a set of customized recommendations and tips for increased preparedness. This feedback is provided immediately with additional resources for information, training centers and emergency supplies access.

The program is absolutely invaluable, as it offers a toolkit to evaluate and improve disaster preparedness, doing it absolutely free of charge.

The Ready Rating Program is a multi-tier toolbox containing several free services you can make use of as a business, school or non-profit organization.

Emergency Response Plan Tool. This tool allows you to create your own customized plan for disaster relief and getting all employees on board with a Red Cross CPR course and other important training.

Next Steps Report Tool. This one creates a list of actions to increase disaster prep levels in your organization or company.

Resource and Information Center. Get full access to exercises, courses and activities to develop and prepare your students and staff for a possible emergency.

Ready Rating Store. Purchase all necessary supplies you are missing right there.

Being prepared means having everything set up for quick and efficient action in case of emergency and/or evac. This includes personal Red Cross CPR course training, emergency tools / supplies, and contingency planning.

You need to know your evacuation routes, fire escapes, emergency phone numbers and everything else that may be necessary in case of floods, fires, power outages and the like.

So there you have it, all you need to know in one convenient resource.

If you got your supplies and plans, and all you need is a place for Red Cross First Aid and CPR training, check out our facilities in your area.

We are here for you, so you can be there for others.


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