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The Difference between CPR Level A, B, C and HCP

Most people, when asked about CPR will refer to it as part of an emergency medical protocol used in certain situations, and that’s about it.

Furthermore, and sadly, many people don’t really consider taking it. Due to this common lack of knowledge about first aid and CPR in general, and because here, at our Mississauga CPR Training facility, we care about human life a great deal, we decided to shed some light on the topic and elaborate a about the different levels of CPR courses we have available.

CPR level A – first aid for Adults

This is the basic level and probably the first one you’ll require to start your CPR training. After completing level A training, you’ll be able to treat adults only, and also be familiar with using an automated defibrillator. This may seem a bit narrow or partial, as far as training goes, but it is still more than enough to treat most conditions that require first aid/CPR either at your home, or at your working place, where most medical emergencies tend to occur.

In fact, many employers send their employees to a level A training to meet Work Safety requirements or simply because they are conscious of the need to be able to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace.

Moreover, many companies allow you to enroll to a CPR Level A training through them, footing the bill for you. The CPR level A course contains extremely important, literally vital information about treating emergencies, and what’s even better – it will take as little as just 6 hours of your time.

CPR level B – first aid for Children

Upon completing this level of CPR training you’ll be specialized and certified for treating infant and child emergencies, which require a different approach due to differences in their physiology.

CPR Level B also includes instructions on how to use an automated defibrillator on children. It does not include adult treatment methods, and therefore is not a substitute but a supplement to the CPR Level A course. As a result, it is taught to a narrower spectrum of people.

At our Mississauga CPR and First Aid training facility, we believe that every single parent should be knowledgeable in the techniques this important training can teach.

CPR level C – an All Inclusive Approach

This level of CPR training combines skills from both CPR Level A and Level B courses, thus allowing you to treat both adult and child/infant emergencies. To emphasize the skill level you’ll attain after completing CPR Level C course, it is sufficient to say that this is the training level that is taught to police, firefighters and lifeguards.

There is no argument that all of the abovementioned professionals absolutely have to be highly skilled in first aid and CPR, as an integral part of their jobs.

Now, with the training we offer – you can be as skilled as any of them.

This course is also a single day course and will steal only 7 hours of your time.

CPR level HCP – for Healthcare Providers

Our Mississauga CPR training facility makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and provides training by best instructors in the field. Upon completion our CPR HCP course for healthcare providers, you will be able to address a truly wide range of emergency scenarios. Our CPR Level HCP courses are available to physicians, nurses, pharmacists and all the other health care professionals.

Pick your level and enroll now – for a chance to save a life tomorrow!

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