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Benefits of Providing First Aid and CPR Training to Employees

Benefits of Providing First Aid and CPR Training to Employees

If you’ve ever been in a medical emergency, you must know how stressful it is when you or another human being are in need of aid, and have to wait for someone to arrive and provide help. The arrival of a paramedic team may take a long time depending on traffic and availability of ambulance crews, and if the situation is desperate, a life may be risked by the wait.


The proximity of a person who got first aid and cpr training can save that life. There are many life-threatening situations such as cardiac arrest and other emergencies where seconds may make the difference between life and death. It is a skill that you get and really hope you don’t need, but when you need it – you better hope you have it.


Among the situations where it may be most needed is the workplace. As a company that provides first aid training in Mississauga and the surrounding area, we know the statistical data about work related injuries, and how just many of those could have been helped by having your employees trained in first aid.


Corporate First Aid Training – Benefits and Considerations


Most workplaces have a high concentration of hazards and people. A combination that increases the risk of serious damage, should something happen. Electrical appliances, specialized machinery, elevators, high density offices and other factors enhance this risk a great deal.


You may need to practice first aid in any manner of emergency, ranging from fires and electrocution damage, to “natural” failures of physical faculties, such as a heart attack. Learning to respond to those situations can also be a great bonding experience for your team of employees, increasing trust and communication between them.


Industry Specific First Aid Training


Corporate first aid training is tailored to your industry. Having a person on your team who knows general first aid practices is not always enough. Getting them trained on industry-specific risks and practices makes them much, much more efficient when you need them to respond to an emergency in real time.


Mississauga FIrst Aid Training Saves Money


Workplace injuries are expensive even if you don’t get sued for damages. Treating the injury right away may lead to significant savings, making the first aid course an investment. Moreover, some insurance companies may give significant discounts on their premiums if your employees are trained in CPR and first aid.


Injury Prevention Benefits


The least obvious but very important factor is that it makes your employees acutely aware of workplace hazards in a way that makes their actions safer. First aid and CPR training can therefore help ensure employee health and safety at work, not just minimizing the damage once an injury occurs, but helping minimize the number of incidents too.


Of course, once you got first aid training for your Mississauga employees, they can also use it elsewhere, increasing the safety in other circles, their families being the first on this list. It is just the right thing to do, no matter how you look at it.


To get your team enrolled for first aid training in Mississauga, contact us today and we will do the rest!

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