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4 Reasons You Need First Aid and CPR Training

4 Reasons You Need First Aid and CPR Training

Sudden cardiac arrest has been determined as the leading cause of death in North America.

This is made worse by the fact that many cases of cardiac arrest did not have to result in death, if they were treated immediately. Most cases occur not in hospitals but in settings where qualified medical help cannot get in time.

They happen at work, on the beach, during trips, and in other absolutely benign circumstances.

This in itself is reason enough to get CPR and First Aid training, but here are 4 more reasons that should convince anyone to take this course.

CPR is Easy to Learn

Thousands of people a year get trained and certified to save the lives of their friends and loved ones during a cardiac arrest or another emergency. The mechanic of cardiac arrest is very simple. It occurs when the electrical rhythm that keeps the heart beating is disrupted, causing it to stop. The person loses consciousness, stops breathing and collapses. The time that passes from then to when they get CPR first aid is crucial to their survival. The steps of administering CPR can be performed by virtually anyone who knows what they are doing, which is to say they got CPR training.

CPR is Not Known by Enough People

The chances that a bystander happens to know this lifesaving technique are still very low, despite all our efforts. Every person of conscience should take the small effort of learning it, in case someone else needs it. The more people know how to administer it, the better chances are for someone else to be able to save your own life, if it happens to you.

CPR Doesn’t Require Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

Mouth to mouth resuscitation is what deters most people from learning it, but it is not necessary in most situations. You can lay your concerns aside. The guidelines for CPR have changed over 5 years ago, and you can still save a life by administering hands-only CPR, which is usually just as effective.

Most Cardiac Arrests Occur at Home

Unlike a busy street, where the chances of there being someone who knows CPR are still slim, at home those chances are lower still. Break this statistic by enrolling in our CPR training in Brampton or anywhere else in the GTA to make sure that every adult in the household can save the other’s life when the need arises.

We have many locations to choose from in Toronto and the GTA where you can easily learn first aid CPR and other life saving techniques.

Join one now. It’s easy to learn and the benefits are priceless.

We’re here for you, to be there for others.


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