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Where to go or not go for CPR Recertification?

Where to go or not go for CPR Recertification?

Keeping your CPR certification valid is very important for several good reasons.


One is that you are legally bound to have a valid CPR certificate to perform cardiovascular resuscitation in Canada.


If you find yourself in a situation where you perform this life saving technique without a valid license, you may be facing legal action. This chance becomes higher still if there is suspicion that your actions caused harm or contributed to the emergency rather than help resolve it.


The second reason is that CPR recertification is often, and luckily, the only time when most people get to practice it and make sure they still remember how it’s done.


Skills such as first aid and CPR get eroded over time, and if you lose the confidence that you’re equipped to do it well, you’re setting yourself up for failure. And failure in this type of scenario means the death of a friend or family member, which is not something any of us can afford to allow.


Choosing Your CPR Recertification School


Luckily, there are many locations and options to get your CPR recertification done in Ontario.


Coast to Coast First Aid operates in multiple locations across the GTA, with centres for CPR recertification in Toronto, Red Cross approved CPR training in Richmond Hill and North York, as well as other options such as standard or pediatric First Aid certification online.


One of the things to remember when you choose a place for your CPR recertification, is to look for their credentials. There are requirements for legally teaching this course, but some CPR and FIrst Aid schools are still far better than others.


Ask about their courses – are they approved by the Canadian Red Cross? This is not just a label. To get approved by the Red Cross, the school’s training needs to be of the highest level.


The best CPR recertification instructors are also Red Cross veterans that have actual hands-on experience in saving human lives. Those veterans know the technique down to the smallest details and can provide the highest level of training.


Look for a First Aid school that hires mostly Red Cross instructors and/or ex medical field professionals. This will serve as a guarantee that once you got your training or recertification, you will truly be prepared.


We hope this will help you choose the right place. If you are looking for a First Aid or CPR course, Coast to Coast First Aid and it’s hi-tech teaching facilities are here for you.

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