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What Should You Consider When Choosing a First Aid Training Provider?

What Should You Consider When Choosing a First Aid Training Provider?

If you understand the importance and necessity of acquiring adequate knowledge in CPR and First Aid, you must also realize that First Aid CPR training also requires highly qualified instructors and facilities to convey the necessary knowledge and habits.

Skill and knowledge become habit when practiced repeatedly and correctly, and habit is exactly what you need in an emergency – a reflex that takes over and leads you to respond with quick and precise action to save someone’s life.

Good First Aid CPR training differs from inadequate training in that it is perfected to achieve results in the minimum amount of time – making sure you understand how it works and that you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself without panicking, freezing or making dangerous mistakes.

But how do you choose a good first aid training in Brampton?

There are several considerations you should focus on when making this decision.

Training Personnel Qualifications


This is easy to check online even before you contact or meet anyone. Examine the instructor’s credentials. He or she should have a valid First Aid certificate and all additional papers such as Pediatric First Aid (if they are teaching First Aid for kids) and other necessary papers. In addition to being a trained in First Aid, the instructor should have a teaching qualification. They have to hold a Level 3 Education and Training qualification at the very least. If the school has multiple instructors, ask who you should expect to be teaching you or your group, and review their specific credentials.

Actual First Aid Experience


A good First Aid training instructor should have actual field experience before going back into the classroom to teach others. Part of the preparation is dealing with stress, and an instructor who ever only did First Aid in a secure simulated environment can’t possibly know the first thing about this crucial aspect of the job. That’s why we only hire Red Cross instructors with years of experience for our First Aid Training Brampton and other centers in the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Course Content and Quality Assurance


There are standards set by the Red Cross to which any and every First Aid training class must adhere. Make sure the centre you choose follows them. This should additionally include processes the training provider has in place to monitor and review the training delivered by its instructors, including refresher courses and other supplementary checks to keep the training level high.

Our center for first aid training in Brampton offers all this and more.

Come see for yourself and train with the best!


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