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What are the Basics of First Aid Training?

What are the Basics of First Aid Training?

When people enroll to our first aid training Mississauga, the first thing they want to know, of course, is the content of the training program. We will answer this question by giving you an outline of the most important components of basic first aid training.

But before we do that, it’s also important to clarify that there is no one basic first aid training course that covers all possible scenarios and situations. The course you take should really depend on your situation, i.e. where and in what scenarios you might need to practice first aid. There are, for example, several specialized first aid programs, such as First Aid at Home, Workplace First Aid, Swimming & Water Safety, and more.


First aid situations vary, and so do first aid training courses. At the same time, there are two options for basic first aid training we offer that cover the essentials, and can make you generally prepared for a wide array of scenarios.

  1. Emergency First Aid CPR/AED


The Emergency Course is a basic must-have training on how to act in extreme situations, at least until the paramedic team arrives. It teaches CPR for home and workplace situations, and gives you the skills necessary to recognize, prevent and respond to different emergencies in adults.


This course covers topics such as


  • The Red Cross
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Check, Call, Care principle
  • Breathing and Circulation Emergencies
  • Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest
  • Wound Care Practices
  1. Standard First Aid CPR/AED


The Standard First Aid training is a more in-depth course that takes two days and provides additional knowledge on how to respond to a wider variety of first aid situations.


In addition to the topics covered in the first course, this one also gives information on:


  • Head and Spine Injuries
  • Bone, Muscle, and Joint Injuries
  • Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • Poisons


Both of those Mississauga first aid training courses grant a certificate which will be valid for three years.


As we mentioned above, there is much more to first aid than those two basic courses, which should come as no surprise as a paramedic’s training takes several years. If you expect to work in a high risk environment, such as construction, mountain tourism, sailing, or any other specialized field with its own set of highly specific dangers, it might be better to go farther and take a more in-depth course.


Still, our basic Mississauga first aid training courses are far, far better than nothing, which some of our students can testify to. When a co-worker, friend or loved one is suffering from cardiac arrest, head injury, or is otherwise facing grave danger, knowing the basic skills might already be enough to keep them alive. Not knowing those skills might leave them to face it alone.


If you are of the same opinion and agree that having those basic first aid skills is a must, call us now and enroll to our one, or two day programs.

We’re here for you to help you be there for others.

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