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Reach Out to Help those in Need This Holiday Season

Reach Out to Help those in Need This Holiday Season

This article is for those readers who wish to partake in the spirit of Christmas in its fullest, most complete sense. In addition to the festive dinner, greeting cards and presents, there is also one other aspect to keep in mind. Canadian winter.


There are many people in Canada who need real help from others just to stay alive.


In addition to Red Cross First Aid and CPR training, this amazing organization also provides humanitarian aid to those who’d had to live through small or large scale disasters, in Canada and worldwide. They collect donations and fund much needed evacuation and relief efforts.


In addition to large scale disasters such as floods and fires, the Canadian Red Cross also helps victims of what’s known as silent disasters.


Minor but Very Personal and Very Real


This term describes “minor” tragedies that happen all over Canada on an almost daily basis. They are called silent because they are so ubiquitous and personal that almost no one except from close relations ever gets to hear about them.


When a single family is hit by a house fire, flood or a collapsed roof, it won’t make the papers, but it’s a tragedy nevertheless. The Canadian Cross is there for those people, offering shelter, food, and clothing.


There are other programs, such as Meals on Wheels that make sure people get fed who might otherwise remain hungry through the holidays. The nonprofit also donates and lends medical equipment to those who cannot buy it themselves.


There are other ways to help people in addition to taking a Red Cross CPR course. This year, the Holiday Campaign is strongly focused on assisting people with everyday necessities they lack for one reason or another.


Some families can’t afford the essential things in life due to illness-related loss of employment or a death in the family. Elderly people suffering from neglect should not starve or endure hard winter cold. A mother with a baby on her hands needs help too.


Where There is a Will, There Is a Way


You can also assist those in need this winter by making a personal gift of old clothing, a hot meal or other things the Red Cross collects and distributes to those who need it most.


This is a way to make a real difference in a real person’s life.


There are many more ways to be there for others even before you need the knowledge you learned in a Red Cross CPR course.


And it is far better if it doesn’t get there at all.

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