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Knowing CPR Gives you the Confidence to Save Lives

Knowing CPR Gives you the Confidence to Save Lives

First of all, it’s normal to be afraid when you get hit by a disaster.


People naturally feel comfortable in their routine non changing environments, but when an emergency occurs, we tend to get panicked. Panic by itself is a normal human “fight or flight” reaction and there is nothing wrong with it.


It can however lead to two harmful things:


  • It can prevent you from assisting to those in need during an emergency.
  • It can create unnecessary distraction to other people who want to help.


How Not to Panic in an Emergency?


Of course if you are trained in CPR and First Aid as a healthcare professional, you will be used to responding with calculated calm to an emergency. Or if you are a policeman or a firefighter, got some first aid training.


While there is some chance that during an emergency there might be a police officer or a trained paramedic nearby, this is still unlikely and you are probably going to have to wait for help to arrive after you call 911.


This is why many workplaces encourage or even demand their employees to get basic CPR and First Aid training. Places like Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium Health Partners, Pinewood Medical Centre and some high schools in the Mississauga and Brampton areas routinely direct their workers to get CPR training and certification.


One of the places to go for CPR training in Mississauga is our own Coast to Coast facility of course, covering all levels of proficiency and types of training.


Getting a CPR training course can make a real difference for someone’s life, giving you the tools and confidence needed to deal with an emergency.


How can CPR Training Help you Gain Confidence?


Knowledge is Everything. When you know what to do and how to do it, the emergency will be no longer a frightening mess for you, but rather a certain scheme you have to follow in order to gain the desired result.


Timing is Crucial. In addition to lack of knowledge, what terrifies people a lot is the limited time frame in which you can actually help a person during an emergency. CPR training will teach you not only how, but when to assist in case of an emergency, and to do it fast.


Repetition for Perfection. Your CPR certificate is valid for a limited time period (3 years). After it expires, you’ll have to perform an additional training session (though shorter). That way you will constantly strengthen your confidence, and gain new skills.


Where to Begin?


Right here! If you want to know more about our CPR and first aid courses, feel free to visit our website. We have first aid classes in Mississauga, Brampton and many other GTA locations.


With knowledge and confidence, we can all make a difference when it really matters and save someone’s life!

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