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First Aid CPR Training Essentials : 3 Things You Need to Know

First Aid CPR Training Essentials : 3 Things You Need to Know

Ever since it was invented, CPR (short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation) has been evolving and reaching higher and higher levels of efficiency at preventing death in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.


If you wish to be able to save a life in case of a cardiac arrest emergency, then first aid CPR training is for you. The training itself if divided into different parts and sections, providing information and teaching important skills pertaining to this lifesaving technique.


In the end of this course you will get a CPR and first aid certification that testifies you know how to identify and provide crucial assistance in this, and other, life threatening scenarios.


Here are the three main things you will be focusing on when taking first aid CPR training:


CPR Mannequin Simulations are essential to a CPR first aid course, due to the physical nature of this procedure. While some portions of the course can be sometimes completed online, there is the absolute necessity to train in a simulation scenario where you will need to exert the physical strength and precision CPR administration requires. It is only through such training and practice that you can build up the muscle memory needed for it.


The AED, or Automated External Defibrillator is one of those marvels of medical science you’ll wish to have at hand if you’re dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. Another thing you’ll wish to have is the skill and knowledge that would allow you to use it efficiently. The AED is an automated device that can increase the chances of survival dramatically, if you know how to use one. The device works by way of administering a pointed electric shock in order to restore the victim’s heart rhythm back to normal operating condition. This naturally makes AEDs a high demand item and an important part of most first aid CPR training programs.


Hands on Classroom Training sessions still comprise the main chunk of any first aid course program. The instructor will teach, explain and demonstrate an array of cases when a life can be saved by administering CPR or another first aid technique. You will learn about ways to recognize the symptoms of various emergencies, which may help you prevent one entirely. Also, you will be shown what not to do and when, no small thing when treating a person whose life is in jeopardy, and more.


This was a general overview but should give you a good idea of what a first aid CPR training course is all about.


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