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Canadian Red Cross Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Canadian Red Cross Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

The Holiday season is a blissful and fun time of year, but it can also be extremely taxing.


You have to get presents for everyone, call your friends and write greeting cards to family members and co-workers, not to mention cooking, traveling and other enjoyable but still pretty stressful activities.

The Canadian Red Cross has issued a list of tips and advice intended to help families and individuals in Canada enjoy the holiday season better by shaking off its stressful effects or avoiding them altogether.

This publication comes as part of their seasonal Red Cross First Aid and CPR preparation program. If you’re wondering at the connection, suffice to say that accident prevention is far more easy to achieve than damage control when an accident has already happened. After all, driving while stressed in the typical Canadian winter is more than a bit hazardous. A stressed person is not only unhappy, but also not exactly safe.

So relax and read on about the ways to reduce Holiday Stress

Eat healthy.

Yes, the dining part of Christmas and New Year is traditional, but the more unhealthy the food is, the more stress it puts on our system. Balance healthy food with moderate drinking, and you will enjoy the holidays all the more.

Rest a lot.

The surest way to destress is just relax. Take the time to get extra sleep and simply take time to yourself between your engagements. That way you will have more energy to spare for all the enjoyment. Read a book, watch a movie, or just go for a sauna visit.


This one connects to the previous point. There’s only so much you can put on your plate. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Allow yourself more time and energy to enjoy the things you decide to do, and leave something for next year.


Finally and most importantly, spend time with your loved ones. The support we are capable of providing each other cannot be underestimated. It is, after all, why a Red Cross CPR course is so important. So we can be there for them in a time of need.

We cannot stress this enough. Our family is what makes us happy. Be there for them and allow them to be there for you, all the time.

And if you want to know more about the effects of, or wish to hear about the Red Cross CPR course we have, let us know. We’re here for you, so you can be there for others.

Happy Holidays!

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