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Are you prepared to respond in a Cardiac Emergency?

Are you prepared to respond in a Cardiac Emergency?

When life throws an emergency at you, it is always by surprise.


One moment everything is normal, but then suddenly you are short of breath. You begin to feel dizzy and then, a few moments later the ground escapes your grasp and you fall down. Or the same thing happens to a loved one, leaving you just as helpless and terrified.


Heart Attacks and What we Can do About Them


Such descriptions are what you hear from people who’d undergone acute myocardial infarction or a heart attack, as people commonly call it. Most of us are not healthcare professionals, so we are not familiar with all the ACC/AHA guidelines of cardiac event treating as doctors do.


However, there is a real chance for you to at some point in life really wish you knew the basic techniques to help saving the life of a loved one.


Why is First Aid and CPR Training so Important?


  • Reading about it is not enough. Physically participating in a First aid CPR training program teaches you both theory and practice. You will get familiar with numerous types of commonly encountered emergency types and will be able to deal with all of them.
  • Besides learning about ways how to treat emergencies, upon completion of our First Aid and CPR training you will feel more confident when facing an emergency, which is no less important because in most emergency events – timing is critical.
  • As evidence shows, when emergency occurs, if there is somebody in the crowd proficient in CPR and first aid techniques – the chances of an emergency event victim to survive are twice better.
  • Getting to know all the risks and hazards during the first aid training changes your mode of behavior to a more rational and cautious one, leading to less risk taking in general.


Understanding those risks and the benefits of having trained people around, many schools and other workplaces in Mississauga and other GTA cities encourage their employees to get their First Aid and CPR training. This is of course a policy we wholeheartedly embrace.


Whether you work at Credit Valley Hospital or St. Joseph’s High School, our first aid and cpr Mississauga can help you get the accreditation you need.


First aid and CPR is now More Accessible than Ever


We alone at Coast2Coast First Aid offer you a choice between multiple locations across the GTA. With our centres scattered in Mississauga, Brampton, North York and other convenient locations, it is perfectly simple to enroll and get your CPR and First Aid training now.


Just visit our site and get on board with the training you would like to get! Coast to Coast First Aid is here for you.

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