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A Basic Guide To First Aid And CPR Training

A Basic Guide To First Aid And CPR Training

It is an undeniable fact that first aid and CPR training are quite literally vitally important practices that everyone should know. Yet we as a society still don’t know enough about them.


It is all the more ironic because one of the things you find out when you start reading is that there’s nothing too complicated about it.


Anyone can learn it, anyone at all.


The standard public courses won’t make you a paramedic, but the benefits are very considerable. And again, CPR certification classes are neither very long or have any extreme complexity to them. Which is really great, because when you’re stressed and afraid for a loved one’s life, you’d hope saving them won’t require a doctorate degree.


First aid and CPR courses have different formats, mostly in these three main categories:


  • CPR Only Courses.
    This course focuses on cardiovascular resuscitation, which is what you do when someone just went into cardiac arrest. There are levels to this course, but all of them last up to 8 hours of learning time with an exam in the end. That’s it. The 8 hour one is for Healthcare Professionals, which means the basic 6 hour course will teach you almost as much.


  • Mixed CPR + First Aid.
    Those courses are going to focus either on emergency first aid or standard first aid. Depending on the level, you will have between 7 to 9 hours of learning. It will cover topics such as types of emergencies, kinds of injuries, respiratory and cardiac arrest, airway emergencies and more. It is a wide course that gives you enough information to discern types of trauma and react to them with speed and efficiency.


  • Child Care First Aid.
    Children naturally need a different treatment when injured. There are also types of injury that can occur to them and not adults. This puts them into a separate category. This 8 hour course can save the life of a child somewhere down the road.


Then there are online courses, mixed class + online courses, group courses and recertification classes. Those last ones are the shortest in duration and are meant to make sure you retained the information and are capable of practicing the lifesaving techniques.


And if you were wondering, are there any free CPR classes near me, you may be in luck.


We are located in all the major spots across the greater Toronto area, including North York, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton and others. Give us a call and help us help others to make a better society for all involved.

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