Providing health and safety training is common practice in most workplaces, but somehow CPR and first aid are not.


Which comes as a surprise if we consider it in some detail. In many workplaces, sharp tools and other dangerous implements and substances are routinely employed.


It’s true that health and safety are there to keep us away from harm but what do you do when health and safety fails and a person still gets injured?


There are four primary reasons that make CPR and first aid certification extremely beneficial for a workplace.


The Sheer Practicality of First Aid Certification


1. An additional preventative factor. It solidifies health and safety training making employees more aware of dangers in their work environment.

2. The sheer lifesaving value. The value of even a standard first aid and CPR C course for the workplace can’t be overstated. When the injury is really bad, first aid becomes immediately crucial. Having people around who know what to do may actually save someone from dying.

3. Knowledge of tools and kits. When you train your employees in our CPR training Brampton center, they get familiar with the items in the medical supplies kit, learn to use an automated defibrillator, train in placing bandages and other critical skills that may be needed in an emergency.


Industry Specific

When an employer gets his employees trained in CPR and first aid, they get a training that’s tailored to their specific industry. Whether it’s an office environment, a manufacturing plant, construction site or kitchen. The hazards in those places differ and the way they need to be treated differ as well. So if you get a group-course for all your employees, you get a far more suitable set of skills and relevant knowledge.


It’s Simply Cost Effective

The choice of program, training provider and other considerations will influence the cost of the whole thing. When a company gets multiple employees into the same course, the costs per employee will go down considerably. And when you take into account the cost of workplace injuries, this becomes even more cost-effective.


Workplace Bonding and Morale

Companies who got their employees into a first aid or CPR training in Brampton or one of our many other training centers have all quickly discovered that company morale was also affected by the course. Employees became more confident and generally felt more trust towards the employer.


For those four reasons and more, we advise every employer to get their staff to our program for first aid and CPR training in Brampton, and see the magic happen.