In a bewildering,near-tragic incident reported by CBC News early this year, a Toronto woman saved the life of a man who went into sudden cardiac arrest during a gym workout.


The woman later told how she was shocked that everyone just froze in fear and no one intervened. If it wasn’t for her, the man would have died there and then, with no one to save him from a terrible, senseless death.


She decided to intervene when she saw a staff member walk over to the man as he was lying on the floor, face blue. The employee then leaned down, put a defibrillator on the floor beside the man and stood back in dumbfounded confusion.


It was lucky for the victim that the 29 year old woman received her CPR training Toronto earlier, and knew how to deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation. She had the training done when she enrolled to work as a flight attendant, and if she weren’t there, the man’s life would have ended.


And even if the paramedic team does arrive on time to save the person’s life, permanent brain damage is almost entirely inevitable. It sets in just four minutes into the episode.


In his case, it was all thanks to her. The ambulance pulled in some 10 minutes after he fell unconscious and it was only her knowledge of CPR that saved his life. She began compressions and managed to keep them up for the entire time they waited for help to arrive.


CPR Training Toronto


In a big city, there’s always a chance someone will know CPR First Aid and will be able to help, but consider this – in a large Toronto gym, only one person knew this life saving technique. One person in an entire room full of people. Not just regular people, but health – conscious individuals who work out on a regular basis, and gym staff that should know how to deliver CPR.


Humans are fragile creatures, and can easily get hurt. It is our goal and mission to help society increase the number of people who know and are certified in this crucial skill.


No one wants to ever have to deal with such situations, but sometimes we are forced to, by sheer tragic circumstance. Take a Toronto CPR training course and stay safe.


It is better to be prepared.


We owe it to each other.