Some people realize clearly the need for first aid training, but not everyone understands just how important it is to get your Canadian Red Cross first aid and CPR certification.


Here in Canada, most of us are enjoying carefree, almost 100% safe, living conditions. We don’t live in a hurricane zone or in a country with high tectonic activity. There are no floods or other frequent disasters…


But disaster may strike at any moment and we all know that.


Things ranging from huge national tragedies like the devastating wildfire in Fort McMurray less than a year ago, which forced almost a 100,000 people from their homes, to house fires, swimming pool accidents and other “minor” things that do occur often – all serve to remind us danger is always near.


The only thing we can and should do, is get trained in order to be able to respond to those disasters in a timely manner. When your partner falls down on a hike and gets a bad injury, you may not even be able to call 911 from there. When your child falls into the swimming pool or suffocates on a toy, help might not arrive on time to save their life.


The difference between the life or death of a loved one often hinges on your ability to respond to the situation in a timely, efficient manner.


Knowing how to respond to those potentially tragic situations is critical, and that’s exactly what you learn when you take a Canadian Red Cross first aid and CPR course, or a CPR for infants – and absolute must for new parents.


CPR First Aid Course Durations

Contrary to what many people might think, Canadian Red Cross first aid and CPR courses do not take that long to complete. Most courses don’t require more than one day of training, the more elaborate ones taking two days, 6-7 hours each.


For example, here are the durations of three common first aid courses:

1. Emergency First Aid & CPR: 6.5-7.5 hours in-class

2. Blended Emergency First Aid & CPR: 4 hours online learning, 4.5 hours in-class. 

3. Emergency Childcare First Aid & CPR: One day, 6 hours of learning


As you can see, the difference between losing a loved one and saving their life is no more than a single day out of your schedule. No matter how busy you are, this simple fact means there are no excuses not to take one or more of those courses for the safety of your friends and family.


Enroll in one of our Canadian Red Cross first aid CPR courses today and save a life tomorrow.