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Integrated Swimming Program (ISP)

We are proud to announce our new swimming program for the community, which will be available in the upcoming month. Our services will be provided in different languages that will encourage individuals with little knowledge of English to take part in the Canadian Red Cross swimming programs. We provide instructors with a variety of racial backgrounds that can connect well with their students. It is our goal to prevent language from being a limitation to the people in our community. Our instructors fluently speak their mother languages and will provide the best services to their students. Another advantage of our program parallels our goal: which is to improve the English of our students as well as their physical well being. Our educated instructors will help their students reach their maximum potential in both communication and physical skills. This is achieved by having different practices and homework assignments for the students that will be done in both English and their mother language. According to the government, three different races makeup a vast majority of our newcomer’s community. The three groups are from the following countries: 1. Iran 2. China 3. Korea. There will be different levels of courses offered in these languages. Upon request, we can offer our services in other languages as well. Details about the registration and location of our programs will shortly be available on our website.